General terms and conditions with regards to registrations:

Article 1: Registrations to camps, workshops and other activities organized by ASBL Plateau96 are received, either on site at the reception, either by phone, either by online formularies. We ask you however to prefer online inscription.


Article 2: ASBL Plateau96 reserves the right to cancel a registration, for instance in case of a lack of participants. It will then be offered to the participants, who will be free to accept it, to enroll in another workshop, camp or activity. Failing that, the total amount of their inscription will be refunded.


Article 3: All online inscription generates a bill of which the total amount is due at the inscription, or in certain cases and by agreement with the secretariat, in three times (payment by installments: at the inscription, on the 1st of January and on the 1st of April). In this last case, the signature of an acknowledgment of debt will be asked. It is imperative to pay all amounts due in order to follow camps, workshops or other activities organized by the ASBL.


Article 4: All inscription is firm and definitive. No inscription can be refunded, except under the conditions laid out in article 2. The participant may ask to exchange his right of participation in another workshop, by agreement with the secretariat.


Article 5: the current terms and conditions define, without prejudice to the application of particular conditions, the respective obligations of the contracting parties by inscription to the activities offered by the ASBL. By accepting the inscription, the participant recognizes having acknowledged the current terms and conditions and having accepted them. Provisions to which he has not expressly derogated remain applicable. Only the derogations being the object of a writing agreement from the ASBL may modify the application of the general terms and conditions.


Article 6: Unless said otherwise, the weekly workshops begin end of September and terminate beginning of June. There will be one session per week, except during school holidays.


Article 7: In case of disputes between parties or payments lawsuits, are only competent the tribunals of which our social seat depends.


Article 8: the processing of your personal data by Plateau96 is subject to the law on the protection of privacy and to the regulation on the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data. You have free access to those data to ask, if necessary, their rectification or suppression by contacting our secretariat by mail at

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